Apr 26th

roast tomato & garlic napoli sauce

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roast tomato & garlic

This recipe a result of my fridge becoming overloaded with tomatoes and my current obsession with whole roasted garlic bulbs.  Fantastic as a pasta sauce, or as the base for a great bolognese.


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Apr 21st

prosciutto chicken w/ sage butter sauce

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prosciutto chicken w/ sage & zucchini

I had veal saltimbocco at a friend’s place for the first time a couple of years ago.  It’s delicious, but sometimes the veal combined with the salty prosciutto is a bit rich when you are after something a little fresher.  Chicken is a good substitute for something more summery and for those a little less adventurous!

I love the crisp sage and personally think it is what makes this dish (and the stackloads of butter of course!).

Preparing this dish only requires 1 pan too which is also a nice sentiment for partners of messy cooks! Love you Josh!

It’s a great summer dish and could be grilled on the bbq just as easily.

prosciutto chicken preparation (more…)

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Apr 15th

pear & rocket salad w/ balsamic glaze

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pear and parmesan Salad

This is a simple and not so original salad – but I love these flavours and textures together, and the reduced balsamic is so good!  The parmesan is a great alternative for people who aren’t a fan of blue cheese, and still gives this salad a bit of tang.


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