Jun 23rd

roast garlic, thyme & mushroom risotto

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roast garlic & mushroom risotto

Contrary to popular belief, risotto is really easy to make.  While it’s on the stove, you do need to give it your full attention, but as long as you are patient and have the time, you can make a risotto better than any restaurant.  This is one of our favourite flavour combinations.

This recipe requires 2 bulbs of garlic.  although it seems like too much, once roasted, the garlic loses its intensity, and takes on a sweet, almost nutty flavour.


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Jun 13th

spicy corn fritters

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corn fritters

I’ve been looking for a good corn fritter recipe for a while – one that doesn’t produce pancake – like fritters.  These are nice and crunchy, and with the lemon and chilli, have a bit of zing to them. I made these the first time with Nicola – and we ate the whole batch between us!


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Jun 8th

strozzapreti pasta with mint, feta & peas

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pea, feta &mint pasta

This is such a simple & fresh dish, yet so tasty & fulfilling.  It also makes a great cold pasta salad for lunch the next day!

I have used strozzapreti (pronounced stroh-tzuh-PRAY-tee), mainly because I like the shape and the thickness – orecchiette (little ears), shells or bow ties would work well too.  Strozzapreti, I have discovered, is italian for ‘priest strangler’, because it is shaped like a rolled towel, although what that has to do with priests I am not entirely sure.  For more information on different pasta shapes, names and meanings, check out this website…


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