Oct 29th

coconut & palm sugar creme caramel

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After being a little slack with my blogging for the last few months, my inspiration has been revived by the characters in the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ with their JUST DO IT attitude!

So here I am – sharing the recipe that got me through to the 3rd round of auditions for a spot on Masterchef 2.  No I didn’t make it all the way but please don’t let that (or this crappy iphone photo that doesn’t do this dish justice) deter you from making this yummy creme caramel. This is the photo I took after plating my dish up at the master chef audition.

coconut creme caramel with palm sugar syrup, pineapple chips & pandanus foam

Props to Beth for sharing the coconut creme caramel recipe with me, and for executing a succesful trial run of this dish with me in her kitchen. The palm sugar, pineapple chips and pandanus mousse / foam are ideas that developed along the way.

Props to Gerard, Louise, Ben, Will & Gabe for lending me their kitchen (my oven exploded a week or so before) and along with Mum, Nic, Candy, Josh & Steve for being my guinea pigs.

You will need to do the pineapple chips a day ahead, and it is best to do the creme caramel and pandanus foam a day ahead too as they need quite a while to chill.


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