Mar 14th

semolina & raspberry tart

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This is another ottolenghi favourite of mine. I especially love the texture that the semolina gives to the filling.  The filling also has quite a subtle flavour which works if you don’t have a major sweet tooth. You could use blueberries or cherries to replace the raspberries in this one .

The pastry recipe they use is also a good one, so bookmark it for any other recipes that call for a sweet pastry. The only issue I found was that the Ottolenghi recipe says to roll out the pastry and place it in the tin…that ain’t happening in this brisbane climate…it is a pretty soft pastry so just falls apart when you try to do that. I would suggest moulding it into the tin which works as long as you grease the tin first – it might not look as picture perfect as it should, but I like to think of it as a rustic version!


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