Apr 13th

demi-tasse cauliflower soup

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Finally there is an inkling of autumn in the air!  I thought the day would never come when I could suitably post a soup recipe on my blog again.

eine tasse cauliflower suppe

Cauliflower; the underrated, unsung hero and albino cousin of its more colorful counterpart; broccoli…did you know there is such thing as purple cauliflower? Anyway, I really like cauliflower, I have recently discovered.  It can be tough to tackle, sometimes I am just not quite sure how to go about it…whether I should break each stalk off into neat little flowerettes or just take to the whole thing with a knife and make a big mess.  Cauliflower is delicious in soup, sauces and just last night i made a cauliflower gratin with pan fried chorizo, thyme and white sauce…mmm yum.

This cauliflower soup recipe is extremely simple, but the flavours  and end result are much more impressive than you would imagine, so much so, that a whole bowl of it might be a little overbearing.  I like to serve it as an entrée with thyme sprigs, chopped chives, mini croutons and sometimes, when I’m feeling really fancy, a dash of truffle oil. The basic recipe is from donna hay issue 26…but have added a few things of my own…

I didn’t take many photos of this one because I didn’t realise it was going to be so damn good!

cauliflower soup and mess


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