May 2nd

poached eggs with creamed corn and jalapeno & coriander dressing

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I have had several requests to post more breakfast recipes.  With a little inspiration from some of the cafes/restaurants I frequent for a unique breakfast and good coffee (first and foremost, my favourite would have to be cup in west end. corner store in toowong is good but it depends who is on the coffee machine), I think this can be arranged.

This recipe will definitely spruce up your morning with a bit of tang from the limes, accompanied by some bite from the jalapeños. The idea is adapted slightly from a recipe in 2010 Gourmet Traveller Annual Cookbook.  The original recipe refers to the coriander dressing as relish, but it is not nearly as thick and no cooking is involved.  Not to say that this isn’t as good, if not better, but it is much fresher than a relish. Let’s call it a dressing. The tangy-ness of the dressing cuts the sweetness of the creamed corn, and adds an oriental touch to the dish. Delicious.


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