about me

just to give you an idea of who’s bitchin’kitchen this is – my name is holly and i love all aspects of food!  i love the taste, i love preparing it, i love sharing it, i love talking (or typing) about it, i love the social aspect that surrounds it, and i love drinking good wine with it!

my mum is largely to blame/thank for my food obsession – once a cooking teacher, always a great home entertainer, and now the owner of a deli cafe  in toowong, she always involved my sister and i in the kitchen  – and the rest is history.

we have all developed our own individual cooking styles – i love cooking old favourites or traditional meals but with my own variations, or using new found recipes as a base for a new idea and winging it.

it is not as much fun though, if you don’t have someone to cook with or share the final product with.  i disagree with the saying ‘too many hands spoil the broth’ (or is it a stew or a brew?) –  the best meals are created with lots of hands, fresh ideas, music and good wine.  (they usually also help with the washing up – the hands that is – not necessarily the wine!!)

in terms of what i hope to achieve with this blog – i want to share my food ideas and photos with other interested foodies  – and also give a break to any of my friends who are probably tired of just how excited i am about (insert any new food i have discovered / any successful meal i have recently cooked here.)

i also want it to be a place where people can find some new inspiration and ideas for their next meal, and where they can ask me or any other readers, food related questions / for advice.

finally, i want to share all of my food related experiences with others – whether that be at a local cafe, at a friend’s house for dinner or at the markets.

please share any comments / suggestions you have on my blog – i look forward to reading them.
holly (the bitch in my’bitchin’kitchen).