Dec 27th

the christmas aftermath

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I’m sorry I have been missing in action of late (try for the last 7 months eek!), but with the camera back in operation and an early new years resolution; to keep up to date and on top of my blog, I’m back!

This might be the last thing you were wanting to see/read about after the last few days, but it has to be done…

I have a kilo of left over ham in the fridge, my mum has another kilo in her fridge and I am pretty sure just about everyone who celebrates Christmas does too. Christmas ham is almost a celebration in itself, yet by the time christmas is over, nobody can stand the sight of it…until of course another year goes by and christmas rolls around again.  I have stuffed myself silly with it and can not bring myself to to eat another piece of sliced ham. I could however be persuaded if it was disguised as something else… if it was not so blatant as a slab on a plate with a dollop of mustard.


Here are some ways to enjoy the last of your ham…


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Aug 28th

sardine tin

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sardine-tinSimon Livingstone now has a finger in every pie when it comes to the restaurant scene, with the opening of his latest addition to an ever growing clan of cafés and restaurants; ‘sardine tin’.

It is a small, understated eatery/drinkery overlooking the parklands, located just across from Simon’s french bistro ‘Piaf’.  Serving tapas size meals and offering a select list of wines, sardine tin is a great place to have a drink and tasty morsel, or conveniently, a great place to perch while waiting for your table at the ever busy Piaf.

sardine tin wall


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Jul 1st

thin crust jalapeno pizza

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jalapeno pizza

I am a little obsessed with wild pepper pizzas (located in West Wnd and once upon a time also in Auchenflower). The thin crust is what makes them so good.  The jalapeno pizza is by far my favourite (even though it is just a starter) but even when we asked nicely, they wouldn’t give us the pizza base recipe (not that I blame them), so Josh has been trying for a while now to replicate the thin crust.  This one was a Byron creation – I think this is as close as we will get!

If anyone has any suggestions… please feel free to comment.

ps. if you do go to wild pepper pizza, you also have to try the pesto lamb!

risirising pizza doughrolling-out-pizza-doughjalapeno-pizza


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