Jan 22nd

sopa de lima – a summer soup

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I’m not quite sure what has brought on the sudden obsession with Mexican cuisine in Brisbane. It seems to be the flavour of the moment, with numerous restaurants like Guzman y Gomez and the Burrito Bar popping up left, right and centre. But whatever the reason, we’ve embraced the Mexican fever at home and have started a bi-weekly tradition of Mexican feasts.  Although, there are only so many tacos and burritos a person can take, so I have extended my repertoire, and in the process, have discovered some fresh Mexican flavours.  One dish that I really enjoyed was sopa de lima which translates to lime soup – a Yucatan specialty. Like burritos or tacos, you can still get everyone involved in the dish, by placing the bits and pieces in bowls, the soup or stock in a large jug, and have everyone assemble their own creations at the table.  It’s a very light, fresh soup, which I think is much better suited to summer than winter.   The soup, or broth rather, is based on the chicken stock that you have to make first. The avocado, corn chips, coriander, chilli, lime and feta give it great contrasting elements which really make the dish.  The great thing is, you can keep some of the chicken aside, and serve it with burritos or tacos afterwards if you just can’t get enough of the Mexican favourites… it’s great panfried with some cumin and garlic.


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Dec 27th

the christmas aftermath

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I’m sorry I have been missing in action of late (try for the last 7 months eek!), but with the camera back in operation and an early new years resolution; to keep up to date and on top of my blog, I’m back!

This might be the last thing you were wanting to see/read about after the last few days, but it has to be done…

I have a kilo of left over ham in the fridge, my mum has another kilo in her fridge and I am pretty sure just about everyone who celebrates Christmas does too. Christmas ham is almost a celebration in itself, yet by the time christmas is over, nobody can stand the sight of it…until of course another year goes by and christmas rolls around again.  I have stuffed myself silly with it and can not bring myself to to eat another piece of sliced ham. I could however be persuaded if it was disguised as something else… if it was not so blatant as a slab on a plate with a dollop of mustard.


Here are some ways to enjoy the last of your ham…


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Apr 13th

demi-tasse cauliflower soup

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Finally there is an inkling of autumn in the air!  I thought the day would never come when I could suitably post a soup recipe on my blog again.

eine tasse cauliflower suppe

Cauliflower; the underrated, unsung hero and albino cousin of its more colorful counterpart; broccoli…did you know there is such thing as purple cauliflower? Anyway, I really like cauliflower, I have recently discovered.  It can be tough to tackle, sometimes I am just not quite sure how to go about it…whether I should break each stalk off into neat little flowerettes or just take to the whole thing with a knife and make a big mess.  Cauliflower is delicious in soup, sauces and just last night i made a cauliflower gratin with pan fried chorizo, thyme and white sauce…mmm yum.

This cauliflower soup recipe is extremely simple, but the flavours  and end result are much more impressive than you would imagine, so much so, that a whole bowl of it might be a little overbearing.  I like to serve it as an entrée with thyme sprigs, chopped chives, mini croutons and sometimes, when I’m feeling really fancy, a dash of truffle oil. The basic recipe is from donna hay issue 26…but have added a few things of my own…

I didn’t take many photos of this one because I didn’t realise it was going to be so damn good!

cauliflower soup and mess


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