Feb 1st


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Making iceblocks takes me back to my primary school years. It was one of those things my sister and I would always look forward to making in the summer months. The flavours we made were not particularly exciting or creative… usually orange juice or lemon juice, but it was nevertheless exciting to come home  after a hot day and pull out a perfectly moulded, home made, resfreshing iceblock.

I have tried to be a little more creative with my more recent rediscovery of iceblocks… but you be the judge. The original ice block holders were much simpler… i wish i still had them.


The photos are a mish mash of a few different varieties i tried …some are of the strawberry, yoghurt and honey variety. I drizzled honey around the iceblock moulds before pouring the mixture in, but this really only works if you use frozen berries, otherwise the honey just sinks to the bottom of the mould. Others are of the berry and yoghurt variety.  My favourite so far has been the watermelon, ginger beer and frozen blueberry iceblock (no photos of this one sorry).


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May 4th

chicken san choi bao

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I love meals that involve some sort of self assembly… meals where you have some input into or involvement in the final product. When we go out to dinner, josh thinks that this is just lazy…wondering what it is we are paying for if we have to put our own meal together, but I think it is fun! Some examples; tacos, burritos, yakiniku, or my current favourite, san choi boa!  Although I do like the pork version, I prefer to make chicken ones at home.

make your own san choy bao

We recently had pork san choi bao at Libertine, the renowned french vietnamese restaurant and bar located in the Brisbane Barracks complex. They were delicious, but I think these are just as good, and don’t come with a hefty price tag.

PS. I am very aware that I may have misspelled san choi bao… I had a great deal of trouble finding the correct spelling which may or may not be one of the following – sung choi/y bao, san choi/y bao, sang choi/y bao…if any credible source out there has the answer, please feel free to let me know! lettuce cups


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Apr 13th

demi-tasse cauliflower soup

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Finally there is an inkling of autumn in the air!  I thought the day would never come when I could suitably post a soup recipe on my blog again.

eine tasse cauliflower suppe

Cauliflower; the underrated, unsung hero and albino cousin of its more colorful counterpart; broccoli…did you know there is such thing as purple cauliflower? Anyway, I really like cauliflower, I have recently discovered.  It can be tough to tackle, sometimes I am just not quite sure how to go about it…whether I should break each stalk off into neat little flowerettes or just take to the whole thing with a knife and make a big mess.  Cauliflower is delicious in soup, sauces and just last night i made a cauliflower gratin with pan fried chorizo, thyme and white sauce…mmm yum.

This cauliflower soup recipe is extremely simple, but the flavours  and end result are much more impressive than you would imagine, so much so, that a whole bowl of it might be a little overbearing.  I like to serve it as an entrée with thyme sprigs, chopped chives, mini croutons and sometimes, when I’m feeling really fancy, a dash of truffle oil. The basic recipe is from donna hay issue 26…but have added a few things of my own…

I didn’t take many photos of this one because I didn’t realise it was going to be so damn good!

cauliflower soup and mess


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